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September, 2014: Two patches: c and d are released and available.
(from richp) I will be updating the patch list 8 and 9 september so you can see all the new things that have been added.

Get the leading traffic exchange script!

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VS-TrEx is a powerful, extensible traffic, banner exchange, text-ad exchange software system.  We have classified ad, ffa, directory, blog, catalog rotator, and many other products as well.

VS-TrEx is more than just a Traffic Exchange Script.  It is a modular business system that can help you promote your other online / work at home businesses, and can create new income streams for you in several different ways.
If you would like:
  • A growing community that who will regularly view your ads
  • Who will read a weekly email from you
  • Some of whom will pay you money to show their ads to each other
...Then you probably want to run a traffic exchange.

Check out all the new features of 2.0.0!  Click here for details!
"Full" VS-TrEx includes:
  • Traffic Exchange Software - people look at each other's sites
  • Banner Exchange Software - people show banners from your exchange on their site
  • Text-ad Exchange Software - people show text ads from your exchange on their site
  • Link Cloaking Software - all approved ads can be shown as cloaked links
  • Built in contests, and credit give-away systems
  • Room for optional expansion modules
 Optional modules include:
  • Framework - Create searchable, sortable systems: Blogs, Classifieds, Directories, Electronic Catalogs, Knowledge Bases, and more!
  • Twister / Rotator - Members set up weighted rotators, and can get detailed viewing statistics
  • Traffic Exchange Network - Become a 'hub' that can link together over 20 different kinds of traffic-exchange scripts.  This is the ultimate "co-op" system.
  • Automated Contests: auto-calculate, and auto-award prizes on daily, weekly, monthly, multi-weekly, et cetera.  Yes set them up, and the system does the day-to-day grinding.
  • Cross-Join, to help your users join other sites at the click of a button.

If you think you might need:
  • A system designed by software professionals...
  • Software that has been running effectively for over 6 years
  • A built-in CPA system to bring in some 'side money'
  • A built-in hard link publishing system (Cost-Per-Placement, paid weekly) to get per-link fees automatically
  • A system that continues to grow and evolve and expand
...Then you might need a VS-TrEx system.
If you need:
  • Your members to show text-ads, banners and mini-banners for you on THEIR website!
  • A system to automatically service their purchases
  • A way to easily connect your exchange to a network of over 140 other exchanges
  • Many contest systems to help keep members engaged
  • An exchange that offers users things no other exchange offers
...Then you definitely want to get a VS-TrEx traffic exchange.

If you are an affiliate manager:

  • You know you want your affiliates to succeed... getting them on a VS-TrEx system will help
  • You don't want to get pummeled by banner bandwidth, and VS-TrEx can help with that as well
  • We can even private-label a version of VS-TrEx for you to sell to your affiliates, with all the basic information already burned in

demo at: http://demo.vs-trex.com
  Varisearch LLC
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Founder: Rich Parker
Skype: varisearch
Twitter: @varisearch

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