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October, 2014: VariSearch is shutting down. This site will remain for another year for patching and authentication purposes.
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Founder: Rich Parker
Skype: varisearch
Twitter: @varisearch

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Coming Soon (planned documentation, should get completed in top-to-bottom order)
Title of planned documentation
Setup: Things you need to do (payment processors, incentives)
 All exchange setups
Ongoing: Things you must do (site approvals, stats&email, working with users)
 All exchange setups
 Exchange versus 'the house' (explains different ad types and uses)
 All exchange setups
 Using epLibrary (adding files, configuring system)
 epLibrary only
 Using Twister (the rotator module: configuring and use)
 Twister only
 Private Mail Boxes (how to use, and how to limit)
 All exchange setups
 What the heck is a "way station"? 
 All exchange setups
 Updated: Making money with TheLinkRing and TrEx Net
 All exchange setups
 Tricks you need to know.  (SEO work, Power Surfing, Cheater-Checking)
 All exchange setups
 Customizable Splash page fields and editing splash pages
 All exchange setups
 Downline builder extensions
 Full and ultimate exchanges only
 Banner or Text ad 'pyramid pages'
 Full, ultimate, or xxx-Elevator only

Available Now:

 Version / Dates
Title of documentation
Get the file
 1.3+ / 2006
 Making money without selling a credit or upgrade (using TrEx Net at TheLinkRing)
 all / 2007
 Some tips to help you grow your site
 1.3.9+ / 2007
 Setting up a paid-to-surf site
 1.3.9+ / 2007
Mathematics to work up prices on a paid-to-surf site
 (n/a) / 2006+
HOSTS security for your personal PC
 HOSTS Security.pdf
 1.3.8+ / 2006
Weekly Mailings
 1.3.8 / 2006
Trivia System
 1.3.8.Trivia System.pdf
 1.3.8 / 2006
Incentive System (offers and rewards)
 1.3.8 / 2006
Basic entry approval (how to approve sites, banners, et cetera)
1.3.8.Basic entry approval.pdf

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