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30 July: correction is now available. Lotsa picky fixes.
re-patch notice: 30 June, there was a missing parenthesis in 2 files that were patched. I have corrected the issue and updated the patch to July 1st to correct the issue.

Incentives to get surfers to read the site pages

We've created a surf-reward system for surfers who pay attention:
  • A 'prize page' shows up while surfing... you control the text on this page
  • Each day, a surfer can click on a link on that page, and receive surf credits (you control how many)
  • This is fully automated: Awards are verified and given to the user automatically
  • Each prize is only available to a given surfer once per day

Prize page

This shows what a prize page can look like... note the 'click here' link.

The reward page

If the user clicks on the link while surfing that page... the following page will appear:


Non-winning prize page

Instead of working out how long to run a prize page, or what hours to run it... we have a system that allows a user to win only once per day on a given prize.

So, they can win multiple times if you put up multiple prizes. If they see the same prize page after claiming it, the will see something like this:

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