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30 July: correction is now available. Lotsa picky fixes.
re-patch notice: 30 June, there was a missing parenthesis in 2 files that were patched. I have corrected the issue and updated the patch to July 1st to correct the issue.

Incentives to get manual surfers to read the site pages in more detail

We've created a new site-advance system, and a contest for surfers who pay attention:
  • Instead of 'click 1-2-3-4-5' to advance, surfers are presented with a question about the page they just read
    • If the surfer answers correctly, surfing continues (they also get a 'point', if a contest is running.
    • If the surfer answers incorrectly, then they have a delay, followed by 'click 1-2-3-4-5'
  • There is also a contest system that only counts correct answers.

Example of a page-specific trivia item

Advertisers can enter these for their own sites... they even get view versus correct answer ratios.

The Contest page

If you set up a trivia contest, a leaderboard is automatically generated, and maintained in real-tiem:


User/Advertiser Controls

Each User/Advertiser can control the content of the question and answer, and see real-time results:

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