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October, 2014: VariSearch is shutting down. This site will remain for another year for patching and authentication purposes.
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What is a traffic exchange?

A Traffic Exchange is a membership-based advertising system. This is generally the highest potential and most under-used system of advertising on the internet.

How does it work?

Let's talk about "Joe". Joe started a new online business, built up his site, created logos and ad copy, purchased a great cataloging system, et cetera. All he needs now is customers to look at his site, and purchase his stuff.

Joe knows about traffic exchanges: He goes and joins a few traffic exchanges. At each one, he 'submits' his site for review. Once his site is approved, other members of the traffic exchange will see his site. Because his site is new, unique, and well laid-out, he will pick up new customers from his traffic exchanging efforts.

Why would other members look at his site? Traffic exchanges have a 'credit' system: your site is shown as long as your account has 'credits' (a unit of online currency... at most systems, 1 credit entitles your site to be seen by 1 other member 1 time). You earn credits by viewing other members' sites through a 'surf browser'. This is a browser that will display different member sites, one at a time.

So, this is just an advertising system?

If that's all there was to it, we'd just say "... and join our traffic exchange...". While that can help your business, there is a better way to make your business grow.

What if we told you that running a Traffic Exchange meant that you could have a growing advertising system that can ultimately turn a profit?

We suggest that you start your own traffic exchange

Think about this... there are thousands of new websites, new webmasters, and new affiliates coming online every day. The growth potential is staggering! What people are discovering is that, when used correctly, traffic exchanges can help your business grow!

People will come to your system because they want to promote their sites, and will look at your sites and offerings in exchange. Others, who are too busy to surf, will simply pay you some money to show their site to your membership base.

To help you make up your own mind...

We've created this section, explaining how traffic exchanges work, the kinds of exchanges that are out there, and how TrEx and VS-TEN can help you grow your business.

To learn more, either click the selections below, or select from the menu at the top of this page:

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