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October, 2014: VariSearch is shutting down. This site will remain for another year for patching and authentication purposes.
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Founder: Rich Parker
Skype: varisearch
Twitter: @varisearch

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Created: 0000-00-00 Glitch

We just found, after release, that a change in pricing didn't completely roll out in this update.

If your pricing went off by a multiple of 100, please run the following 2 queries in 'direct db':

  • alter table Pricing modify column Price decimal(10,2);
  • update Pricing set Price=Price/100 where 1;

General (Skeleton)

Created: 0000-00-00 patch patch is online

In no particular order:

  • Core controls has 'admin notes' right of the quick view.
  • Surf layout page now 'remembers' last surf choice... like the menu selection, a load from live will trip this up, but otherwise it works.
  • "Show earnings" setting in surf layout now has the option to show pages surfed instead.
  • Image resizer is available for secured images... check the notes on master layout at the bottom.
  • Also, the notes on master layout have been expanded to show most of the block codes
  • Option to set individual users to auto-approve all ad types that are not banned sites.
  • Option to auto-purge records when a user deletes them.
  • Support for gravatar image of either the logged on user, or the referring user.
  • Support for live member count, account count, pages surfed (all time, today or yesterday) as block codes
  • Bug fix to contest/quick list so that you can pull stats for exactly 1 day now.
  • Support added to calculate variable manual surf in contest style (this pass, it is backed only, not a front-end contest)
  • Bug fix for surftable page, so that surf types displayed are appropriate to the level 
  • Expansion of reporting/emailer so you can alter subject and message content before a note goes out, whether you approve or reject the report.
  • Expansion of offers to allow 'minimum pages surfed between takes', so that the same offer could be offered more consistently.
  • Added option in pricing for discounts based on using local cash.
  • Correction to the offer list page to show the user-controlled name for surf credit names (it had been hardcoded)
  • Corrections to credit conversion, again removing hard coded surf credit type names.
  • Way station support for more than 6 stations (now up to 25).
  • Support in moneybookers and paypal to control the return page per purchase item (for follow-on sales pages).

whew... much more and I'd have had to start,

Stuff not done this pass, that will probably force a

  • There are 2 ways to send an email twice... the are still in there.
  • We don't have a VM 'normal contest'
  • We didn't remove Liberty Reserve or add Amazon.. I didn't want to waste another week chasing 2 glitches... don't use Liberty Reserve, it's that simple.  Amazon will come out between now and 2.2.
  • Auto-purge does NOT work in core controls.

Traffic Exchange (TrEx)

Created: 2013-06-30 updates
Corrected block codes:
  • dlb - Show dlb description text as a link
  • dli - Show dlb main image as a link
  • dll - Generate JUST the link for downline builder (you MUST add content and close the tag)
Example: dli/12 means walk the dlb program #12 to find a referral link, and wrap it around the program image.

New block code: xtrauserinfo
This loads all user info fields, and also:
  • LevelName - name of the current user's current level
  • MilliTokens,ManTokens,ProTokens,emailTokens,HovTokens - Re-formatted as decimal numbers, the users' current balance figures (realtime)

Way stations can now go to 26 (z), not just 8.  This is mostly in the members' area and site editor.

When sending a group mail to certain categories, the 'skip queue' checkbox was being ignored, and the message was queued.  That should be corrected now.

Batch processes in 'heartbeat' would not update if they had a prefix.  For example: 223:somefunctionname  would run, but never show on the heartbeat scope.  There was an inconsistency between what was run and what was saved.  This should be okay now.

SurfTable and edit site entries have been changed, so that if a user level earns 0 credits per page view, the surf option and advertising option are not visible.

Email system strips any html (ampersand) code from user names before sending email... this prevents bounces from extended-ascii names.

By default, we are NOT sending to members who have the 'lockout' flag set on their account.  Direct mail will go, and password/service requests, but not normal mail.  To override this, check the new 'include lockout' checkbox at the top of the group mail form.

When an upgraded member has assigned credits, or enabled 'auto-reload' on a site, and got downgraded, the settings were still there, paralyzing the page until the webmaster cleared the fields.  We have added an auto-clear on downgrade, and are returning any assigned credits to the main balances now.


Stuff that didn't get in, but is in the short horizon:  Memory of last page edited in surf layout.  Making surf image display a different size than the main image display... both are good ideas, but I didn't want to hold up the release any further.

Traffic Exchange (TrEx)

Created: 2013-03-17


  • Change to PMB/New Note: downline members were only crediting for direct referrals, which was not the intent
  •   Downline now credits (sends for free) to the same referral depth as the surf reward
    • added [%cust/UserID] to load the id of the referrer
  • Variable Manual Surf: new image selecter was pulling hover, not v-man images
  • members/ change payout info
    • Added a little support text to the second field
  • added members/surfing2.php
    •   List of paid-to-click ads only
  • core/textfile.php (text file editor)
    •   Removed the "try our new html editor here" line, if the system was showing skeleton.css
  • Control/functiontable: anniversary section
    •   Changed 'e' to 'email' in admin not of what waws given out for anniversaries
  • Splash Page Rotator
    •   When we added the exclude option, it ended up subtracting from the list of valid pages, so the last page wasn't shown
  • functiontable:
    •   Added optional function MasterBalance that will re-total all cash account balances when run
  • Payment Processing/AlertPay:
    •   AlertPay has changed subscriptions to send 2 messages, so we are switching to only process one of those messages.
  • core/surfinterrupt configuration page
    •   There was a bug where once you set to 'every nth page', you could not reset to 'specific page'
  • surfing: checkuser.php and trexfoot#.php (all)
    • Changed balance test to check for 0 record response, to eliminate late-night error
    • Changed calculation in check user to better evaluate if user has - credits for ad systems
    • Added empty-field checking, so that surf-categories wouldn't trigger warnings.
  • change to "purch" block to add the credits name to purchase blocks for non-regular credit purchases
  • members/BannerDetail.php: adding 'title' to the <a tag
  • paid manual surf now obeys the 'surf settings' in core controls
  • members/siteinfoedit.php
    •   now allows paid-only configuration
  • members/mngsites.php
    •   now allows paid-only configuration
    •   bug found and fixed that was 'hiding' paid-to pages from showing
  • members/promoteus
    •   now allows paid-only config, and hides 'surf-for-credit link' section if it is in paid-only mode
  •   ** documentation issue: mini banners can be hidden: set count to -1 in basic settings, and row disappears correctly
    •     *** issue is that '0' won't save in some of the core control screens
  • members/mystatistics
    •   Some sections (banner, text ad, mini banner) were showing even if the feature was disabled
  • members/surfing.php
    • If Paid-to wording is needed, the work in 'surfname' of paid-to manual surf layouts is used
  • new field under basic/demographics: HideFromSelf
    •   This controls the default "see my sites" when someone joins
  • Added 'inner frame' option to surf layouts
    •   This allows left/right frames to be 'inside'... not overlapping the timer or 3rd frame
    •   These are IN ADDITION to the regular left and right frames
  • expanded Surf/getimg.php (the secure image loader) to handle more than 9 tables
  • members/siteinfochange: added test to make sure domain did have a period and did NOT have a space
  • paid-to non surfing had a rounding error (i.e.: you may surf 5 of 4 sites)..
    •   This has been fixed in both the surftable and the PaidToClick page displays
  • http://demo.vs-trex.com/Control/core/check4cheats.php  calls 'outer query error' if 3rd box checked
  • ** bug in groupmail2.php: appears to pay out even if 'don't pay out' was checked on group mailing
    • >> fix now being tested (dwte)

  • ** Heartbeat/cron related
    •   Improved compatibility with plesk for secondary/external process calls.
    •   Added ability to call cron elements 1 at a time.
    •   Added logging mechanism to cron for debugging/results testing
  • change/improvement to self-serve update to handle some servers' security settings
  • surf/Banr4t.php: had problem when checking balance on linked banners, was allowing people to go negative on credits their banner used if they were linked to sites in rotation.
  • Changed contest calculations (bottom section) so that hover and variable manual surfing now count.

General (Skeleton)


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