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October, 2014: VariSearch is shutting down. This site will remain for another year for patching and authentication purposes.
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Founder: Rich Parker
Skype: varisearch
Twitter: @varisearch

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What is included

We have expanded from "Just VS-TrEx" to a family of traffic and promotion-related products and modules. 

All packages include

  • 1-domain license for use - you may use this on 1 domain, on 1 server
  • Full membership system
    • Referral tracking, up to 10 levels deep, controlled by upgrade level
    • Optional cash commission system
    • Member-mailer to send out text-based emails to some or all users, or users by various classifications
    • Support for payment processors, including PayPal, Alert Pay, Money Bookers, eGold, local cash
    • Member blocker system can be set to prevent signups from webmaster-defined email domains
    • Optional inter-member mailer system
    • "Link cloaker" system to help members protect their referral links
    • User-customizable splash pages... they can add an image, and 2 blocks of text to a splash page, to personalize, brand, and help promote your system.
    • On-site text and banner ads system (all system have at least on-site ad types)
    • 'forcelinks' for your direct-promoters.
  • Powerful Administrator controls:
    • "Cheat checker" to find suspicious members who may have more than one account
    • "Offers" system to provide incentivized links to the membership
    • "WYSIWYG" editor to edit and customize site pages
    • Menu editor
    • SEO: Control keywords, description, title, and up to 10 extra meta-tags on each page
    • URL Blockade system prevents entry of unwanted URLs or domains
    • Self-Serve update system to keep your software current
  • Support and other benefits:
    • Support by email (or phone in an emergency) for at least 1 year from date of purchase
    • Free permanent basic upgrade at Site-Scanner
    • Installation by a Varisearch LLC authorized installer
      • Installation includes basic customization, such as site name, color scheme.
      • Installation can include 1 data import from a foreign site at no charge
    • Upgrades are provided to the next full version number, at minimum
    • License carries a 30-day-from-go-live money-back guarantee (less 15% installation fee)
    • License can be transferred or sold, as long as we are notified of the sale
    • Bug fixes are free for life

VS-TrEx (full/stand alone only) includes:

  • Regular and Manual Surf systems
    • Manual surf can be text-based, image based (some images included), or trivia-based
  • Surf systems have optional 3-frame support (3rd frame is on a separate timer)
  • Banner Exchange, Text-Ad Exchange and Mini-Banner Exchange
  • Built-in VS-TEN support
  • optional "Surfed Enough" system to restrict free users who don't actively participate in the system
  • Built-in contest system for regular surf/manual surf/referral page hits/actual referrals
  • Built-in 'framer' system, so members without websites can still participate in the exchanges as publishers
** We are preparing Banner-Exchange and Text-Ad-Exchange only modules as separate stand-alone products... these are included in VS-TrEx (full) automatically **

VS-TrEx Lite (stand alone only) includes:

  • Regular and Manual Surf systems, OR Banner Exchange OR Text Ad Exchange (any 1 of the 3)
    • Manual surf can be text-based, image based (some images include), or trivia-based
  • Surf systems have optional 3-frame support (3rd frame is on a separate timer)
  • Built-in VS-TEN support
  • Optional "Surfed Enough" system to restrict free users who don't actively participate in the system
  • Built-in contest system for regular surf/manual surf/referral page hits/actual referrals

epLibrary (module or stand alone) includes:

  • System to organize and make uploaded files searchable, and to restrict downloads to certain upgrade levels
  • System for users to search for files, and if available to them, to download them
    • Sites can be searched by title, description, by webmaster-defined groups, by date, or by user-popularity
  • System for users to 'vote on' files they have downloaded
  • Tracking system for you to see what users have downloaded (includes watching for multiple downloads)

VS-Twister (module or stand alone) includes:

  • System for users to define rotators, and add pages
  • Site approval system, so no page goes into the rotator without your approval
  • Built-in link cloaker system
  • Sub-system for users to control relative importance of each page in a rotator, to control display ratios
  • Actual rotator Display includes a 'list sites' that shows cloaked links of all sites in that rotator
  • Automated tracking of historical hit information, including #/views, referrer info, browser and OS

VS-Directory (module or stand alone) includes:

  • 2 separate systems are in this module: FFA and Directory
  • FFA:
    • Webmasters can define pages, and control formatting, title, keywords, entry requirements and entry duration
    • Pages contain keywording and are presented as 'fixed html' pages.
    • Pages can contain ads controlled by position, and/or randomly spread throughout the page.
    • Email at add, approval, and/or drop of an entry is optional, and can contain a configurable ad.
  • Directory:
    • Webmaster can choose one ore more category structures for users to 'surf' the sites
    • Webmaster can optionally, additionally, design their own category structure
    • Directory contents are searchable
    • Built-in connection to Realm12, a network for directories, to provide YOUR visitors with the results THEY need.
  • We are currently in the alpha test of VS-Directory, and are adding new purchasing methods, along with an optional spider to validate URLs accuracy

VS-DownlineBuilder (module or stand alone) includes:

  • Site-owner defined list of eligible programs
  • Member-defined pages with 3-16 ads per page... # can be restricted by upgrade level
  • Pages built are static - no extra database load as site scales up
  • Built-in cross-referencing system (user sees referral links of referring member)
  • Members can add their own text to, or instead of program default text.
  • Members can control colors, title, and table appearance

VS-TrEx Ultimate includes all modules listed above

** Note: modules are programs that are added to a stand-alone product. **

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