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September, 2014: Two patches: c and d are released and available.
(from richp) I will be updating the patch list 8 and 9 september so you can see all the new things that have been added.

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When you click the logo to the right, the top menu will change, for easier navigation.

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  • We will also give awards (such as CA$H) for good banner or promo text YOU provide... if we like it, we'll host it.

What we DON'T offer:

  • No minimum payout... you are paid by the sale.
  • No cost to join... no inventory, up-front fees, or sales level to maintain.
  • No 'downline' referrals required.
  • No "45 days after the end of the month"... the buyer buys, the return window closes, your money is sent.
  • No waiting for checks in the mail: You are paid via PayPal, StormPay or MoneyBookers (eGold and others coming soon).

To get the best use of this site:

This is the newest part of the VS-TrEx site. It will be undergoing constant updates and improvements through Christmas, 2005.

As of 6 November, you can join the program. Starting on November 8th, you will have access to our 'back-office' software. The back office (members' area) provides promotional info, and link tracking for your campaigns.

To return to the main vs-trex site: Click the TrEx logo in the upper-right from any page.


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