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October, 2014: VariSearch is shutting down. This site will remain for another year for patching and authentication purposes.
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Founder: Rich Parker
Skype: varisearch
Twitter: @varisearch

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The VS-TrEx Product

Learn about our unique appeal to customers

VS-TrEx is more than just a Traffic Exchange:

While VS-TrEx is certainly focused on producing good traffic, we offer more by default than most exchanges do with upgrades:

  • More Reach: Our system offers a banner, mini-banner and text-ad exchange, in addition to the standard traffic exchange offering. This lets members carry ads on their own sites.  This helps your customer expand his 'reach', and gets ads from his site showing on other peoples' sites.  [Reach=shown on more sites.]
  • More Depth: VS-TrEx has an assortment of contests, with automatically-generated 'leader boards', to help keep members surfing and referring.  This helps your customer expand his 'depth' of advertising. [Depth=shown to more users locally.]
  • Owner-editable: Our system has owner-editable screens and menus to add text, reciprocal links, lists of members, even daily news, with little or no HTML knowledge required. We also have a splash-page editor, and control of all public-facing pages.
  • User incentives: VS-TrEx has automated offers and awards systems.  Enter a few records, and users can get credits for clicking a link, or just for logging in.  We even have a surf-prize system to make sure users are paying attention.
  • Automated customer service:.  When site members do purchase something (ad credits, advanced membership, et cetera), the system automatically fills their order.  This means that there's less work for your customer in servicing purchases that are made on-site. 
    Currently, we support Pay Pal, Alert Pay, MoneyBookers, eGold. Other systems will be added as they prove popular with or necessary to our webmasters.
  • Credit Buyback: Starting with version 1.3.8a, sites can offer to 'buy back' excess credits for cash. Limited record keeping is done automatically: the customer simply approves and makes payments. This is an effective way to get members to surf more, which ultimately can make the site more profitable.

VS-TrEx is also cost-effective:

Add up all the things we offer in our $400 package, and purchase them separately on the web:

Feature VS-TrEx Other traffic exchanges
Auto Traffic Exchange included included
Manual Traffic Exchange with anti-cheat included add 50-250
Banner Exchange included 15-200
Text-Ad Exchange included 20-100
Automated purchase 'gateways' included 10-25 each
On-site contests and awards included 5-100
Installation included 15-75
Customization included 15-75
Total price 400 130-850 above sticker

That means your customer could get most (not all) of what we offer, by purchasing 130-800+ of additional software, and then hiring a developer to connect all the components together (which isn't as easy as it sounds).

VS-TrEx offers things no one else does:

  • We have a unique form of promotion, called a "way-station", to promote a large message using a series of site-pages, that are always shown together, and always shown in order. 
    • Most Traffic systems show pages either 'round robin' or 'at random'.  A way-station allows the owner to override that behavior to show a single, coherent message to the viewer.
    • Your customer can promote detailed opportunities with a series of 'flash card' pages...
    • A series of small messages is considered the most effective method in the traffic exchange industry, and only VS-TrEx has it.
  • Full integration with VS-TEN:  For customers who DO know about traffic exchanges, one of their problems is how to get a 'critical mass' of traffic to get the site started.  VS-TrEx is the only traffic exchange with built-in compatibility to the largest multi-script network on the internet.
  • Financing plans available:: We allow customers to purchase a site license over time, to help them get started earlier.  This helps speed up a sale that might bog down while the user looks for the full purchase price.
  • Every customer is an affiliate:: We are always looking for new ways by which our software customers can make more money. One is through this affiliate program. All customers get an affiliate referral link that goes in the 'baseline' of their site. If a sale comes through that link, the customer of origin gets 25% of the purchase price.
  • Our software includes installation, basic customization, 1 year of free upgrades, and free bug fixes for life.
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