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October, 2014: VariSearch is shutting down. This site will remain for another year for patching and authentication purposes.
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Founder: Rich Parker
Skype: varisearch
Twitter: @varisearch

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Home: Return to the initial display of our website
What is this: Information about the VS-TrEx line of Products
Traffic Exchange: Learn what a traffic exchange is, and why you should have one for your business
Types of Exchanges: Types of exchanges
Motivating Members: Tools to help steer your members towards desired behavior
epLibrary: Details about our electronic product library
Twister: Learn about our Rotator product here
Features: What TrEx offers, that no other software does
Support: Support and Documentation
Documentation: Info and training, how-to and when-to information about VS-TrEx Software
KB: Knowledge Base
Classes: Info about our weekly online classes, to help you better understand VS-TrEx soft
New Features: Listing out the latest features and bug fixes available for VS-TrEx
Work List: List of issues reported, or new projects now on the development to-do list.
Benefits: Features
Multiple Surf Frames: Multiple Surf Frames
Banner Linking: Banner Linking
Way Stations: Way Stations
Payment Processors: Payment Processors
Examples: Examples of what VS-TrEx can do for you
Demo: Demonstration of TrEx Software
Current Site List: Current Site List
Reseller Sites: Our official List of reseller sites
Verifier: Want to verify a site is on our official reseller list Try this form
Surf Systems: Surf Systems
Banners and Text Ads: Banners and Text Ads
Contests & Rewards: Contests & Rewards
Get em surfing: Get em surfing
Get em reading: Get em reading
Read in detail: Read in detail
Get em referring: Get em referring
Get em to log in daily: Get em to log in daily
Buy: How to license TrEx for your needs
License Agreement: License Agreement
What is Included: What features/modules are included in each VS-TrEx product
Software Pricing: Software Pricing
Hosting Options: Hosting Options
Purchase a license: Purchase a license
Sell: We have our own affiliate system for those who want to make money selling software!
Details: Detailed information about our affiliate program
The Market: Details about the market potential of this product line
Products: Information about the whole VS-TrEx product line
Potential Earnings: What you can make, per sale, any time you wish!
Reseller/Installer: Earn even more by reselling or installing the product... better than commissions
Agreement: Our privacy policy and affiliate agreement
Members Area: Access your account information, see your referrals, and get promotional info he
About Us: Want to know who youre dealing with Our contact information is here.
Privacy: Your privacy is important, and we respect it. Our privacy policy is here.
News: Periodic updates on products and our programs.
Site map: Find out what pages are where with our live sitemap
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